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Kas Service Nederland


Greenhouse Service Netherlands.. (KSNL)

We are a young and enthusiastic company, but in the possession of the necessary knowledge and experience.

We deliver good work, at a fair "all-in" price! So no surprises or extra costs afterwards!

We hope that all this is enough to get you in the future of service..

What can we do for you..

We specialize in:

~ washing the roof and the walls, both inside and outside

~ the chalking of the roof

~ repairing the roof and facades

~ maintaining the coffers in the form of..

             * Remove and control of moss and weeds

             * Unclog gutters and/or swipe

             * kitten

             * fats

Tunnel during cleaning..

Greenhouse cover before and after the wash..


For more information on the options and prices, we ask you to contact us so that we can inform you and, if you want to forward an appropriate quotation.